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That’s a wrap! We have finished filming The Fence feature film! Lots of updates to come as we move into our Post-Production stage

A True Story

This feature film project is a development of an original short film called The Fence that we released in 2018. 

“The short was based on one of many stories from my father’s childhood. He grew up on a council estate in Hartcliffe, Bristol, during the late 70’s and early 80’s, with the Hartcliffe estate being one of the most deprived and notorious in the South West of England.”

The Fence story

Steve Knight Is A Working Class Boy From Hartcliffe Estate Who Has His Motorbike Stolen The Day He Buys It. He seeks the help of local ‘fences’, scoundrel friends and his tough-nut brother in the hopes of tracking down the bike before it’s too late. 

There is a strong moral theme examining cultural and peer pressures and often difficult individual choices. But ultimately it’s a fun film with heart, that combines nostalgia with strong characters, comedy and a fast paced narrative.

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We are a small team of independent filmmakers who met at film school.

We’re delighted to have you follow along and be a part of the process, we really wouldn’t be doing this without your interest and support.

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