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The Venture

Jeremy McNeill
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From my friend John Uppington, now sadly deceased. In the 70s John was in The Venture Inn in Melvin Square and on going to the toilets was accosted by a man who started to measure him up with a tape measure.  He naturally took offence and the man explianed that he was measuring him up for a suit. They had a van load of nicked suits outside!

On another occasion there was a grand draw for a Christmas raffle.  John's mate won the first prize, a pair of plucked chickens, with which he was rather pleased.  On returning home, he found that his own chicken coop in the back garden had been broken into and that he had in fact won his own chickens!

On Christmas day the pub opened at midday and was absolutely packed. Behind the bar there were several large tin baths which were full of beer and lager. The barmen served people rapidly by simply scooping up beer from the baths.

Another friend, Albert Biggs, told me that when the pub opened back in the 30s, the lounge bar had a uniformed bar stward with maroon waistcoat. There were comfortable chairs,  a plush carpet and potted palms.  Whe he went back with his young lady the following week, eveything had been stripped out and rplaced with linoleum and basic chairs and tables.

Will Stone
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Amazing! The chicken story made me chuckle.

Thanks for sharing Jeremy, encourage others to do so if you can.




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